Team Jones

Ricky Lee Jones

Ricky Lee is a native Tennessean who retired after a 30 year IT management career with Nissan to pursue his lifelong ambition of living and working on Florida’s beautiful Emerald Coast.  He first fell in love with the area as a teenager vacationing with his parents.  Then, he and his wife Karen began to take trips down to experience many of the resort locations along the gulf coast from Biloxi to Mexico Beach.  In 2005, they were able to realize their own beachfront dream by purchasing a condo in a newly constructed beachfront resort in Panama City Beach, Florida.

It's been a great decision that he and Karen have never regretted a day in his life!

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See how Ricky Lee was able to realize his own dream of owning his vacation beachfront condo in Panama City Beach and how that dream enabled him to retire to a beachfront life that he thought was impossible.

Karen E Jones

Karen is a native Floridian who grew up in Jupiter, Florida and enjoyed the beach lifestyle from an early age.  Her life took her throughout the southeast, but her heart has always been at the beach.  She enjoyed a long career at IBM in cyber security and regulatory management working with some of the largest corporations in the world.

She got the real estate bug from her parents and always had an interest in properties.  And she always longed to be back near the water.  In 2005, she and Ricky were able to make that happen when they were able to purchase their first investment condo on the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida.



Chloe Jones

Chloe joined the Jones family as a tiny puppy back in 2019.  She has never worked a day in her life, yet she has assumed the role of the boss of Team Jones.  She loves it when she gets the chance to meet our clients!

Chloe likes to go to the beach and enjoys digging the in the sand.  She demands belly rubs and rotisserie chicken on a daily basis.  Chloe is a master at napping, but when she is awake, she enjoys barking at squirrels and chasing and occasionally catching lizards.


Real Estate in Panama City Beach

Ricky and Karen became so passionate and optimistic about the growth potential in this area that they purchased a second condo 3 years later and established their own resort property management company, VisitPCB.com.  By leveraging their professional management and IT skills, owner loyalty, and their “customer first” attitude, they were able to quickly grow this business into one of the premier 25 unit luxury beachfront condominium management companies in Panama City Beach.  Ricky has recently sold this business to some close friends in order to focus exclusively on vacation real estate sales.

Premier Property Group

One of the reasons that they chose to join The Premier Property Group is its close association with Bob Parks Realty, a leading real estate company in Middle Tennessee.  Many of Ricky Lee and Karen's professional contacts, and hopefully future customers, are well aware of the outstanding reputation this company has earned.  And, it quickly became obvious to him that this same culture has been brought to The PPG.

Ricky Lee and Karen have been very successful in leveraging their management and technical skills along with their  many years of condo ownership and rental management into becoming the “premier” realtors on the Emerald Coast. They are able to sit down with prospective buyers and explain the entire financial picture of vacation property ownership.  And their financial analysis tools are immensely helpful in evaluating investment alternatives.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Obviously, Ricky and Karen are excited about being able to live and to work next to some of the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” and look forward to sharing their knowledge of this unique real estate market, its investment opportunities, and hopefully the joy of “Turning Your Waterfront Dreams into Reality”!